Central Commercial District Revitalization Corporation

Abbreviated CCDRC

A nonprofit California public benefit corporation

Administers the Central Commercial Maintenance Assessment District in the City of San Diego, California

Funded with property tax assessments approved by the owners of property within the District

Provides public rights of way cleaning, graffiti removal, safety enhancement and beautification within the District to supplement the limited service available from the City of San Diego

Planning changes for the community to encourage economic development, affordable housing, public recreation areas, better street lighting, training and jobs facilities

Coordinates with City and County government agencies and private foundations to obtain grant funding for projects within the District and the community around it

Aims to benefit the neighborhoods of Sherman Heights, Logan Heights, Grant Hill, Memorial and Stockton, all forming a single community identified by CCDRC as Central Village



Board of Directors

Jess Haro

James Justus
Vice President

Kurt Krasne

L Cooper-Jones

Bob Lief

John Mireles

Vincent H. Noto

Randy Sanks

Nico Stanzione

Consuelo Zuniga


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